Tom Grammerstorf


Tom Grammerstorf | Hamburg

"Complicated and demanding projects are my favourite".

This is how the Hamburg photographer Tom Grammerstorf describes his attitude to his work. Tom had always a weakness for tricky things. This has not changed much in the course of his long career in advertising photography.

In 2001, he became self-employed after having worked with internationally renowned photographers for many years. After experimenting with many areas of photography, he finally discovered his passion for people and automotive photography. In addition, Tom is one of the pioneers in the field of virtual photography. The subject of CGI has been an early concern for him, and today he is one of the leading photographers in this segment. He has been producing his renderings himself for over 10 years. He founded his company BRAIN CGI based in Hamburg.

Today, Tom is again concentrating on the further development of his visual language, trying to find new technical challenges as well as stylistic approaches.