Thomas Motta | Hamburg

Thomas Motta started working as a photographer of industrial facilities in 1996. For six years he travelled to places all over the world, mostly in Europe, Asia and South America, shooting for clients in the steel industry. Thomas often worked in small teams where he filled a large number of roles: the producer, photographer, video camera operator and the video editor. To focus more on what he was always passionate about, he moved to Hamburg, where he assisted well-known photographers in automobile and people photography for several years, until 2007.

All of these experiences gave his minimalistic, reduced, natural style the fine-tuning it has today. His photographs are often “one-shots” without composing. Thomas prefers fast cars in their “natural environment”, so whenever it is possible, he shoots them car- to-car. Additionally, he makes spontaneous handheld shots, which you don’t find very often in today’s commercial automobile photography. Thomas also has the experience and the knowledge needed to translate his style to a virtual car during a CGI shoot.