Guy Kokken | Brussels

Photography makes me tick. I love doing it. It started somewhere in the early eighties, I was thirteen. With a Nikon EM and the lust to achieve events, people and things I thought were important in my life. Actually, I wanted to become a nature- wildlife-photographer but due to the lack of nature in Belgium I found myself making photos of my friends and people who looked interesting. In 1985 I started studying photography. I did finish it in 1988. Early nineties I found myself on the doorstep of RifRaf Musiczine. Being able to shoot bands like Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Afghan Whigs etc. was like a dream come true. A little while later I started shooting promo and press photos for bands as well as record covers. 

Music was my first love and it still is a big passion of mine so I consider myself lucky to be able to shoot bands and musicians for record companies and magazines. I'm not searching for The Inner Soul in my portraits. I like to shoot people the way I perceive them. The human beings - and their behaviour - have always intrigued me. I also like to work with kids. That feels like looking into the future. One day these kids will be in charge of the planet. I'm hopeful. If there's no people around there's still the rest of the world...  I just try to frame that piece of the complete picture to create my own reality.