Maivisto | Germany

Thank you for stopping by. I am Sergio Ingravalle, a Germany-based illustrator who creates images that bring your concepts to life.

I studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf, Germany, and founded the design studio “Maivisto” in 2011 after a design tour from Sydney to Beijing. On this website you’ll find a selection of commercial works for brands like Coca-Cola and ESPN Magazine, as well as personal projects.

Since my childhood, I have enjoyed working with pencils, watercolours and ink. Now, I combine the elements digitally to create unique illustrations. Switching styles, mixing techniques and exploring unknown aspects of my abilities drive me forward and enable me to create visually appealing projects for a diverse range of clients. My studio’s name is derived from the Italian words “mai visto”, which mean, “never seen before”. I begin drawing every day with this idea on my mind. So: Let’s create something together that we both have never seen before!