Daniel Sian | Auckland

CGI – Computer Generated Imagery – is something that definitely paves the way for exploring limitless creativity in the production of an image or animation.

When we have a good idea, using only photography, video, or 2D illustration, from the first sketch to the final product is a long way to go, and it is expensive.
But with CGI this has everything to be different, because within this universe we can recreate absolutely everything with infinite possibilities!

With the right tool, good art direction and keen eye for detail, the result can be amazing!

My workflow, for over 10 years, ranges from a simple retouch in Photoshop to a complex composition with modelling, 3D rendering, photo integration and animation.
And in all cases there is a creative process that develops before the production of the image. And when necessary, it is also part of my job to create a layout or presentation concept.

It is a mix of on-demand techniques that makes production flexible and efficient, reducing costs and giving complete control over the desired result.

After all, you may not realize that the image on your screen is CGI. And that can definitely be a very good thing!

This is how I have been doing my work here in New Zealand, serving local clients, from Brazil and several other countries.

No matter where you are, if you need to bring a good idea to life, feel free to contact me and request a quote.

Since this portfolio represents just a few of my major works, if you can’t find references to your project, let me know that I can probably show you something that isn’t in the image gallery, but that relates to what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your visit!