Anatol Kotte | Hamburg

Anatol Kotte (July 1963) began working as an assistant to a number of well-known commercial photographers. In 1988 he had his first portraits published in all the major German magazines. During his time he also began teaching various assistants, photographers and producers. In 1990 Anatol Kotte moved to Spain, during which time he was also guest assistant professor at the University of Communication Design Merz Academy Stuttgart for the Ambulant Portrait Studio project.

In 1991 he moved to Hamburg and opened his first studio, taking on various commercial jobs for agencies all over Europe. He also had his first solo exhibition of 46 hand-developed black-and-white prints at the PPS Gallery in Hamburg. 

In 2002 he won the Art Directors' Club Germany Award in the photography category with the campaign "the female force of fashion". Since 2003 he has worked on advertising campaigns for BMW, Renault, Peugeot and Lufthansa, among others. Since 2006 he has worked with CGI cameras and 3D imaging in automotive and aircraft photography.