Jerico Santander | Canary Islands, Spain

Jericó Santander is a freelance art director original from Canary Islands, Spain, specialized in 3D and photo illustration. He started to get interest in art at a very early age, but it wasn’t until late 90’s when he discovered computers and Photoshop; his new paper and color pencils.
Around 2006 he started to work in a small creative studio ‘Atutiplen’. There he started to develop his technique and aesthetics as photo illustrator. It didn’t took him long to leave the studio to start his career as freelance artist.

Colors, balance and big doses of surrealism are the keystone that sustain Jerico’s compositions. Photography, 3D graphics and digital painting are meticulously used in order to explore his very own vision of art. For the past ten years, Jerico had the chance to collaborate with lots of cool people from different advertising agencies all around the globe. Together they have created numerous inspiring artworks for clients like Adobe, Nike, Toyota, Asics, Colgate, Ford or Coca-Cola, between others.